3-in-3 by Z

By Zvonimir Fras

3 things in 3 minutes. Because you have things to do. And reading long email ain't one of them. 3-in-3 started as a weekly email I blast to a select group of my smart friends. And now you can get in on the action.

3 things in 3 minutes.
Because you have things to do.

And reading long email ain't one of them.

3-in-3 started as a weekly email I blast to a select group of my smart friends. And now you can get in on the action.

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3-in-3 by Z ⚡ The One Thing "I Eat a Lot But Don't Get Fat" People Do ⋆ Whale whale whale, what do we have here ⋆ One brick at a time

This must've been a curse back in the day when we spent time running away from big cats.


Z's 3-in-3 🌟 Overpopulation - should you worry? ⋆ Can you buy environment preservation? ⋆ Figure this out to get success

Johan Eliasch did.


Z's 3-in-3 ⇨ AI-powered tool that will change the way you work ⋆ Most people would rather be more productive than happier ⋆ Humans are masters of creativity (for now)

I kept you up to date with some important advances in AI (whisper, DALL-E, Alpha code, GitHub Copilot, robots with guns) over the year.


Z's 3-in-3 ⇨ Practical method for being who you're capable of being ⋆ What happens to your heart when you "break" it ⋆ The sound of a snoring hummingbird

If you've gone through a period of intense emotional or physical stress, it can lead to the weakening of your heart's main blood-pumping chamber (the left ventricle).


Z's 3-in-3 ⋆ Wow! VR might be going places ⋆ Real-life Tarzan? ⋆ How to bend, not break (mental toughness)

Realistic avatar


Z's 3-in-3 ⋆ The curse of knowledge ⋆ Directional arrow of progress ⋆ Worth living

The curse of knowledge is what would prevent me from telling you about it because I'd assume you already know.


Z's 3-in-3 ⋆ 3 neuroscience backed steps for increased motivation ⋆ The art of showing up ⋆ Can you get what you want?

View morning sunlight ☀️ for 10minExercise 🏋 for 1hr in the first 3-4 hours of wakingDo some hard mental work 🧠 for 60-90min in the first 3-4 hours of waking


Z's 3-in-3 ⋆ How To Quit Bad Habits Without Willpower: 4 Secrets From Neuroscience ⋆ No exceptions ⋆ Is it research... or procrastination?

Know how your brain works


Z's 3-in-3 ⋆ Is 🌶️ good for you? ⋆ The magic of skill ⋆ Too important not to defy

No, there's no new chili flavors coming out.


Z's 3-in-3 ⋆ Scared? Do this. ⋆ Flying around a tornado (VIDEO) ⋆ Whisper (and AI will still hear you)

Today I remind everyone that I'm a geek and software is my comfort zone. 🤓


Z's 3-in-3 • Tips to get you through Monday's slump • Things happen. What do you do? • Make it 'till you make it

You're responsible. You work (or study) the whole week.


Z's 3-in-3 • Is this the future of home entertainment? • Millions of new millionaires • What are you excited about at the moment?

If you had a dollar for every person who became a millionaire last year, you'd be a millionaire too. Doesn't sound right? But it is.


Z's 3-in-3 • One Easy Hack to feel more energetic after lunch • World is getting better, and that's good • What makes you a role model

Extreme Poverty is Decliningby 70% over the last 40 years


Z's 3-in-3 • I made mistakes... • Can you gamify public health? • Flying Autonomous Robots 🤖 (and farming...)

Turns out - yes.


Z's 3-in-3 • Kill switch for stress • Zombies are real (VIDEO) • Lifestyle upgrade loop

Reading Justin Andersun's post this week made me think of you. It hadinsightshumorcool drawings.Check out Turtle's Pace and consider subscribing. I did.


Z's 3-in-3 • What's FOBO and what can you do about it • There be dragons 🐉 (VIDEO) • Solutions vs Support

You felt FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) when you went to a party you knew was gonna be lame... "But what if it's not?"Narrator: It was.


Z's 3-in-3 • Where does all this plastic go? • Python climbing a tree (VIDEO) • Put in the energy and lead

I know you're using paper straws so you wouldn't contribute to it...


Z's 3-in-3 •155 tools for $0 • Talk yourself into amazing things • What is "time price"?

You're a time billionaire if you have a billion or more seconds left in your life (that's ~32 years).Since you can't even know if you're one now (but I was one!), let's talk about a more useful concept.


Z's 3-in-3 • New "brain bluetooth" now in humans • How big is a trillion? • Hack self-fulfilling prophecies

4 people in Australia and 1 person in US got a brain implant that enables them to control a computer with their thoughts.


Z's 3-in-3 • Escape zero-sum thinking • Most advice is crap • Easter Island's Heads have bodies (PICTURES)

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