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Z's 3-in-3: Can AI do art? Yes - pictures inside

Z's 3-in-3: Can AI do art? Yes - pictures inside
By Zvonimir Fras • Issue #10 • View online
Elon bought 9.2% of Twitter to attempt to restore free speech. AI can do art. Google’s 540B model has better reasoning than most people.
Is this proof we live in a simulation?

Thing 1: The original artist
This is a feel-good thing.
Nature is the original artist. Everything else is just a copycat.
Without you to experience it, beauty is just an unlikely arrangement of particles in time and space.
You give it meaning. Your interpretation of your experiences is constructing beauty from the unlikely.
Beauty is in the eye of the observer. Eww, Z, cheesy.
Tell your email client to "download images" to see an example above.
Tell your email client to "download images" to see an example above.
Jaimen Hudson is self-described “Quadriplegic with a Quadcopter”. Chasing beauty against all odds got him to find the moment you witnessed above.
And here’s the full 4K video if you have 4 min to chill.
Dolphins Surfing & Jumping with relaxing Wave Crashing sounds (4:15)
Dolphins Surfing & Jumping with relaxing Wave Crashing sounds (4:15)
Thing 2: Can AI do art?
Good artists copy, great artists steal.
- Steve Jobs, who stole it from Pablo Picasso, who stole it from Stravinsky, who stole it from…
AI copies nature. The better the copy the smarter you think it is.
OpenAI puts an insane amount of resources (compute power, data…) into teaching AI about our world.
DALL·E has a new version. It’s learned the relationship between images and the text used to describe them.
This means you can tell it what kind of image you want it to create, in which style - and poof, here you go.
AI generated all these images
…based on the text describing them.
So can AI do art?
Where does that leave you?
Art was that one thing AI wasn’t supposed to be able to touch.
Back to starvation?
No. You’ll need to level up.
Adopt DALL·E and friends as yet another tool in your toolbox. They still need a prompt 😜
Thing 3: Imagination - the limit
We can build AGI. We can colonize space. We can get fusion to work and solar to mass scale. We can cure all human disease. We can build new realities.
We are only a few breakthroughs away from abundance at a scale that is difficult to imagine.
- Sam Altman
Sam is the CEO of OpenAI. You’ve just seen what they already do. Give him the benefit of a doubt.
With unlimited resources sky isn’t the limit. Thinking that it is - is the limit.
Time to dream…
Cheers, Zvonimir
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