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Z's 3-in-3 • Tips to get you through Monday's slump • Things happen. What do you do? • Make it 'till you make it

Z's 3-in-3 • Tips to get you through Monday's slump • Things happen. What do you do? • Make it 'till you make it
By Zvonimir Fras • Issue #33 • View online
Reading time: ~2 min
  1. Tips to get you through Monday’s slump
  2. Things happen. What do you do?
  3. Make it ‘till you make it
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Thing 1 - Tips to get you through Monday slump
You’re responsible. You work (or study) the whole week.
You wait for the weekends to party.
To sleep in.
To rest up.
Work hard - play hard. You deserved it - you say.
But then Monday slaps you in the face like a wet rag that washed the men’s room floor. And all the problems of last week that you said sayonara to on Friday, greet you like you owe them money and they already gave you a final warning.
Here’s how you can reset your circadian rhythm
…and say “Not today, Monday. Today we kick ass!”
  • wake up 30min earlier than typical
  • take 1-3 min cold shower or bath
  • work out (if no time, then 10 min any cardio)
  • view sunlight for 10-15 min - not directly, doh
  • Eat/fast per usual
Dr Huberman says each of these steps is capable of shifting your circadian rhythm back to normal. But it works best if you do them all together.
Thing 2 - Things happen. What do you do?
Most things are out of your control.
And things will happen to you that you didn’t want. And you had no way of preventing.
It’s up to you how you choose to react.
It’s easy to react positively to positive things.
Here’s the lemonade Tony Ann made. For inspiration:
Thing 3 - Make it 'till you make it
Stars don’t shine because they want to be seen. They shine because they are stars.
“Fake it till you make it”?
The way to become better at something is to do it often and improve each time. You’re becoming a better faker without even realizing it. 🎉
What if you instead became a person that does things that you want to be doing?
We all have a friend that went on a diet to lose weight. They reached the target, then got it all back, with interest.
Oh, it’s a yo-yo effect.
Sure, let’s give it a cute name.
And yet, there’s no cute name for “I’m now a person who eats once a day”.
You can be whatever kind of star ⭐ you make yourself to be. Care less about what type of light others want to see.
Cheers, Zvonimir
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